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The society Mimansa Foundation was formed in March 2009 with many objectives. The prime objective was to strengthen the education system of the nation so as to produce able, dynamic, and visionary leaders in different fields to drive the country in future. Siddhant World School, Lucknow is the first initiative in that direction.

Mimansa Foundation will ensure that the vision with which SWS, Lucknow is started is fulfilled. It will ensure that school management appoints efficient teachers who are ready to work in coherence with school vision.

This is the first initiative and it is not going to stop here. Mimansa Foundation has a vision for opening chains of schools and it will go for higher education projects also.

Siddhant World School Lucknow: Best School In Lucknow Nurturing Minds, Shaping Futures Since 2014

At SWS Lucknow, we take pride in becoming the best school in lucknow and providing a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks, cultivating young minds to be future leaders and global citizens. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and character development sets us apart as a premier educational institution. Explore the journey of education with SWS Lucknow – where every child’s potential is unleashed.

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum is crafted to stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage a love for learning. Drawing inspiration from global best practices, we strive to create an environment that nurtures academic excellence. Our dedicated faculty members are not just educators but mentors who guide students on their academic journey.


In the pre-primary level, it’s crucial for children to experience a sense of safety, security, love, and appreciation to excel. At SWS, we ensure these needs are met by creating a warm, peaceful, and playful environment for your young ones.


Considered the initial phase of formal schooling, primary education focuses on providing children with essential foundational studies. For top-notch primary education, look no further than SWS.


At SWS Lucknow, we firmly believe that every child possesses academic potential. Nurturing this potential requires providing the right environment for growth. Hence, we prioritize creating an environment where our high school students can thrive.

Senior Secondary

With experienced educators and state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to empower students for success in both their academic journey and beyond.

Parent-Teacher Partnership

At SWS Lucknow, we recognize the importance of a strong partnership between parents and teachers. Regular communication channels, parent-teacher meetings, and collaborative initiatives ensure that the educational journey of each student is well-supported.


Embark on the journey of education with SWS Lucknow. Our admission process is designed to welcome students who are not only academically bright but also eager to embrace a holistic and enriching educational experience. Join us in shaping the future. Connect with the best school in gomti nagar lucknow and explore the possibilities of an exceptional education. We are here to answer your queries, provide information, and welcome you to our vibrant learning community.

About Us

Discover the essence of SWS Lucknow, the best school in gomti nagar lucknow dedicated to academic brilliance and holistic development. With a legacy of educational excellence, we are committed to shaping well-rounded individuals equipped to face the challenges of the dynamic world. The primary goal is to cultivate capable, dynamic, and visionary leaders across diverse fields for the nation’s future. SWS Lucknow, stands as the inaugural step in realising this vision. Mimansa Foundation is committed to ensuring the fulfilment of SWS’s vision by overseeing the appointment of adept teachers who align with the school’s mission.

Our Vision & mission

At SWS Lucknow, we envision a future where education transcends boundaries, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and empathy. Our vision is to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate a rapidly evolving global landscape.

SWS is started with a vision & mission for establishing a modern education system which emphasizes free thought, creativity, the freedom to choose what to study based o a person’s talent and ability. The vision for a holistic approach to education to ensure the intellectual, social, emotional physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students to enhance their quality of life.

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Ensuring the safety of our students and staff members is our priority, and we fulfil it with a robust and smart security management system


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