Mimansa Foundation

Welcome to Siddhant World School

About Mimansa Foundation

The society Mimansa Foundation was formed in March 2009 with many objectives. The prime objective was to strengthen the education system of the nation so as to produce able, dynamic, and visionary leaders in different fields to drive the country in future. Siddhant World School, Lucknow is the first initiative in that direction.

Mimansa Foundation will ensure that the vision with which SWS, Lucknow is started is fulfilled. It will ensure that school management appoints efficient teachers who are ready to work in coherence with school vision.

This is the first initiative and it is not going to stop here. Mimansa Foundation has a vision for opening chains of schools and it will go for higher education projects also.

Other Major Aims and Objectives of Mimansa Foundation Are:

  1. To offer internships, fellowships, scholarships, prizes, stipends etc. in furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  2. To undertake projects, programmes, and activities in furtherance of the objects mandated by the United Nations and its agencies and other sovereign bodies.
  3. To interact, coordinate and network with various regional, national and international institutions/ network and individuals for attaining the above objectives.
  4. To promote reverence for life, mutual respect, compassion for living beings, fraternity and amity among all sections of the world community.
  5. To encourage appreciation for all people, cultures, and religions and explore moral and spiritual dimensions towards excellence in character and understanding.
  6. To conduct and/ or promote empirical and conceptual studies and investigative research on problems of contemporary relevance to world polity, society, economy, culture, religion, art, sciences, sport, health & hygiene, and environment & pollution control.
  7. To safeguard, ensure and promote human rights, especially the equal rights of women, children and support their full participation in the social and economic development.