Spark Batch

Siddhant World School is starting from this academic year “SPARK BATCH” for students of class VI to X to make their foundation very strong for various competitive exams like Olympiads, NSEJS, RMO, IIT-JEE NEET, CLAT etc. along with excellent performance in school exams and board exam. This Programme is a step forward in laying a strong foundation for students presently studying in class VI to X from the beginning stage and to make them understand and apply the key basic concepts of Science & Mathematics subjects rather than mere memorizing and cramming them.
Mr. Anurag Misra
B.Tech IIT (Roorkee)
Founder & Chairman Siddhant World School


This programme is a step forward in laying a strong foundation for students presently studying in class VI from the beginning stage and to make them understand the key basic concepts of Science & Mathematics subjects rather than mere memorizing and cramming.

Mentoring Success

The basic approach generally being followed by students for the studies is to “Know and Cram the Concepts”. This programme is technically designed to nurture and develop the scientific attitude to solve the problems by inculcating analytical attitude and mathematical aptitude using different teaching strategies, as this is the main requirement of any competitive exams.


In the present scenario with the increasing competition at every stage, students are facing new challenges at each instance they come across. This demands, ingenious mental stature to ultimately emerge as a winner. Thus SIDDHANT WORLD SCHOOL is introducing a programme which is a step forward in imparting extra inputs to students for competitive examinations from class VI onwards.

Well in Advance preparation

Competition in the present scenario is getting fierce & IITs also have restricted the number of attempts to two (2) only i.e. one just after XII board exams and the second in the consecutive year. Thus, students joining early (i.e. immediately from class VI), have a wide scope to enhance the rank in the competitive exams.

As students are more receptive during this phase, they can easily master the prerequisites of success in JEE (Main & Advanced)/NEET and other competitive examinations. The “WELL IN ADVANCE” preparation helps aspiring students to lead in competitive scenario. Our teaching strategy will provide a wide scope for students to improve their performance, if they start early.

How to Gain Extra Edge

This programme will also target overall development by providing students with exhaustive coverage of Science & Mathematics subjects, where in CBSE Syllabi will be the base. We will also be teaching linked topics (necessary concepts) of higher class to inculcate a lateral and progressive thinking capacity, anylatical skills, problem solving ability and better understanding of core-concepts required for JEE (Main & Advanced)/NEET and various competitive examinations (like NTSE/Olympiad etc). This will help them to excel in school annual exams as well as X &XII board exams.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Students are better prepared psychologically for competitive examinations only after class X.
A1. All the competitive exams, which come after class X and prior to it requires clarity of basic concepts and their application. Hence for a good foundation student should be psychologically prepared class X itself.
Q2. Students who perform exceedingly well in class X stand a fair chance to succeed at Competitive Exams.
A2. Students who have understood the basic concepts well upto class X are able to correlate & apply these basic concepts in various problems in Class XI & XII, and stands a fair chance to succeed at the highest level in competitive exams.
Q3. Who all should join the School Integrated Classroom Programme ?
A3. Students studying in classes VI-X, who want to excel in their school annual exams as well as to develop clarity of concepts at the foundation level itself for the competitive Exams & also want to build up a positive self-esteem in their overall development need to join the Foundation Course.
Q4. Private Tuitions provide more individual attention than Institutes?
A4. Individual attention is not the essence of being successful at the highest level. What is required is over all development of a student in a systematic & Scientific approach. However, in School Integrated Classroom Programme students are provided individual attention in the form of Special Doubt Clearing Classes(SDCC).
Q5. How School Integrated Classroom Programme differ from private tuitions?
A5. School Integrated Classroom Programme offers exhaustive, complete and in depth coverage of syllabus along with comprehensive study material, homework assignments, competitive environment, detailed inputs for various competitive exams, besides Library with all kind of competitive books along with reading room facility, where as private tuitions may just help in getting a student the answer to his/her problem irrespective whether the student has understood or not.
Q6. What additional benefits will a student get in School Integrated Classroom Programme ?
A6. School Integrated Classroom Programme is designed to empower the students in learning various problem-solving techniques, enhancing their analytical skills, building up of examination temperament among students besides conducting motivational sessions to help students think & work independently.