Founder and Chairman's Desk

Welcome to Siddhant World School

Founder and Chairman

I am associated with academics for many years. My experience with education as a student then as a teacher and finally as the head of a top institute has prompted me to start a school with a vision for establishing a modern education system which emphasizes free thought, creativity, the freedom to choose what to study based on a person’s talent and ability.


As Director NARAYANA IIT/NEET ACADEMY and a Physics faculty, I have produced many ranks in top 10 and top 100 in IIT-JEE and NEET in last 25 years.

During all these years I have found that the approach of school studies are incoherent with requirements of competitive exams and that is compelling students for taking coaching classes.

Also, I found that students start preparing for competitive exams very late (from class XI or after passing XII) and by that time their fundamentals and their approach towards science subject gets distorted.

The correct approach is to be analytical and problem-solving oriented but they start mugging it. A strong foundation helps students even when they pursue Commerce or Arts stream in future.

I don’t want every student to become a doctor or engineer. Let them choose their career and we will help them and counsel them in deciding it as per their personality, aptitude, and interest. We will provide support for making their dreams come true.

Need of the hour is to create an integrated system which eliminates the above-stated problems.”Career through Classes” is a unique and innovative approach which we will follow in this school to ensure that school studies and studies for competitive exams are in sync and complete support is provided under one roof.

Career development is not the Suo-Motto of our education system. At Siddhant World School (SWS) we will follow a holistic approach to education to ensure the overall development of students to enhance their quality of life. I invite all those students to be a part of SWS for whom hard-work is a passion and success is their ambition.