Digital English Lab

Welcome To Siddhant World School

The Digital English Lab is an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Everyone should know how to speak, read and write English language as it is the official language in most of govt. offices and private sector. At our English lab we have a program specially designed for kids where they can learn how to speak English in right way.

Objectives Of Lab:

  • Interesting for children
  • Learn pronunciation
  • Learn use of punctuation
  • Practicing group discussions and debates
  • Learn about how to face interviews
  • Learn basic concepts of English
  • Learn accent, innovation and rhythm
  • Prepare children as a future leader
English Language Lab is there in GPS to maintain a good linguistic competence through accuracy in grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and more effective learning. It is a network based teaching . Our school has this lab fortunately based on the concept of LSRW through English Edge Liquid Software.