Vision & Mission

Our Vision, Our Mission : Get to know us better

Vision :

Siddhant World School is started with a vision for establishing a modern education system which emphasizes free thought, creativity, the freedom to choose what to study based o a person’s talent and ability. It also involves the use of information technology and the skill to look at situations with an open mind and come up with creative solutions to solve problems. The vision for a holistic approach to education to ensure the intellectual, social, emotional physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students to enhance their quality of life.

Motto :

उद्यमेनैव सिधयन्ति कार्याणि (“ Only with industry and efforts are work done”)

Mission :

Quality education to make each student a dynamic, self-reliant, socially sensitive, rationale thinker, who is responsive thinker, who is responsive to changes, and can appreciate the diversity and understand the value of unity. As we realize today, more than over that we are an interdependent world.